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2.000 20

: 111912

In Comunanza, in Via Trieste overlooking the new Piazza delle Terme Romane, stands this sky/earth building under construction. The property develops about 2,000 sq m gross of which about 600 each for the first 3 levels (basement, ground floor, first floor) and the rest destined for the last. The basement level is intended for garages and car garages, while the ground floor lends itself to hosting commercial activities and professional studios. On the first floor the area allows up to 4 Apartments to be established, while the last level can be divided into two units or allow the construction of a large Penthouse.
The property is made only for the supporting structure in cls including floors and stairs. Therefore, it is possible to intervene immediately in order to customize the subdivision and the construction details.
It's also a great deal, given the location in a commercial and service area with a lot of activities.

---> Codice <---: 111912
---> Motivazione <---:
---> Tipologia <---:
: Marche
---> Provincia <---: Ascoli Piceno
---> Comune <---: Comunanza
---> frazione <---: CENTRO
---> Prezzo_Richiesto <---:
---> Totale_mq <---: 2.000
---> Locali <---: 20
: 2012

Emanuela Basocu

Via Roma n. 22
Comunanza (AP)